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gallery 3  click on image to enlarge.  Paintings are available for purchase.  denotes painting is sold.



"Portrait of a Young Boy"

oil on canvas/24/" x 18"


"An Artist, Painting"

oil on board/16" x 12"

"Toward Sunset"

wc/17" x 23"


wc/18" x 24"

Man with Beard"

oil on board/16" x 12"


"Rocks, Beach, Birds"

wc/24" x 17"

"Tree Shadows"

wc/15" x 11"



"Trees with Stone Wall"

wc/17" x 23"



"Jim Cutting Thistles"

wc/17" x 23"

"Sea Gull"

wc/23" x 17"






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